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    Action Potential Motivation Gap

    The Motivation Gap is specifically designed for health professionals, rehabilitation specialists, psychologists and fitness professionals who want to increase client engagement and improve clinical adherence and outcomes. With a strong foundation of evidence-based best practice, the workshop looks closely at the drivers of self-determination, and how to use autonomy-supporting communication and conversational intelligence to promote rapport-building and engagement. With a unique point of difference, this course synthesizes key change theories from both the health and organizational sectors to present a guiding framework to explore and shift change readiness in clients.

    The Motivation Gap has been awarded with Professional Development points for both Fitness Australia and ESSA 

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    Action Potential Group Resilience Training


     “The science and practice of empowering people to thrive in change and challenge”

    SOAR is a skills-based program that provides evidence-based best practice skills to improve the overall performance and wellbeing of people.

    Health Psychologist Dr Vanessa Thiele developed SOAR to increase individual capability for resilience and optimism, and arm people with the tools to meet the challenge of change.

    Resilient staff have the ability to remain task-focused, productive and connected to the organizational mission, whilst experiencing tough times. They have the necessary inner strength and resourcefulness to enable them to cope with the impact of commonly-experienced large-scale change, such as

    •    New priorities;
    •    New leadership;
    •    New organizational strategies;
    •    Major change initiatives;
    •    New technologies;
    •    Merger and downsizing.

    “Even when a comprehensive change management strategy is employed, the success of change is influenced by the resilience of individuals to cope with the stress entailed in being at the receiving end of the change”

             Warner & April (2012) Building personal resilience at work, pp55


    • Strengths: Awareness of the natural character traits allow us to perform at our best and achieve ‘flow’
    • Optimism: The ability to reframe thinking and take on perspectives so as to be able to make the best of any challenge
    • Attitude: Adopting a growth mindset that enables continual learning and self-improvement
    • Resilience: The capacity to thrive in times of challenge, and to use adversity as a catalyst to become smarter, better, faster, stronger

    Each component has interactive learning activities that develop personal leadership skills that are relevant both in and out of the workplace.


    • Pre-training Strengths assessment
    • Over 10 tools and resources (life skills) to enhance resilience and optimal thinking
    • Professional booklet including a Resilience Checklist and Personal Action Plan
    • Feedback form and post-training follow up evaluation


    • Improving performance & efficiency
    • Problem solving & solution-focus
    • Negative attitude affecting learning & growth
    • Coping ability in the face of challenges and setbacks


    4 hour program. Can be one ½ day; 2x 2hour; 4x lunch & learn format

    Priced at $225 pp, minimum 6 maximum 20 participants


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