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    About Dr Vanessa Thiele

    Vanessa Thiele2Dr Vanessa Thiele is the Founder of Action Potential Group.

    She is a Health Psychologist and Training Facilitator, with a doctorate of health psychology (Deakin University), where she focused on the science of behaviour change and human performance. Vanessa is renowned for her powerful programs delivering motivation, engagement, communication and resilience. Vanessa’s extensive experience in program design began with writing an Assistant Instructor Mentoring program for her martial arts club when she was 18, and has developed into a honed ability to create comprehensive learning strategies and training packages for industry professional development points accrual.

    Likewise, her speaking, training and facilitation skills began as a University Tutor at Deakin, a Kung Fu instructor, personal trainer, MC for corporate and industry events, a first aide trainer, and many years as a workshop training faciliator under the expert guidance of industry leaders such as Health Psychologist Janette Gale.

    Vanessa’s passion for health and wellness grew from being an Australian martial arts champion, combined with her professional and entrepreneurial ventures.

    She established and sold a successful fitness and coaching studio in Victoria and worked with Health Change Australia, delivering person-centered change and self-management support throughout metropolitan and regional areas across Australia. She has participated in NH&MRC funded research projects, completed a literature review on health coaching and behaviour change, and consulted with health service managers on change management strategies.

    Vanessa relocated to Perth with her husband in 2014, completed the Certificate IV (Training and Assessment) following the birth of her first child and established Action Potential Group soon after. She is a Success Circle Leader and sapphire member with Business Women Australia and volunteers for numerous projects and fundraising for causes that are close to her heart.


    Vanessa did a great job of adapting to audience and feeling in the room.

    Light-hearted and entertaining (particularly in the current circumstances). Thank you!

    Presenter was a good speaker, spoke with positivity and energetic tone.

    Well polished & adaptable to audience.

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