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    Action Potential SOAR

    Personal Resilience and Empowerment Training

    The science and practice of empowering people to thrive in change and challenge”SOAR is a 4-hour skills-based program that provides evidence-based best practice skills to improve the overall performance and wellbeing of your people, teams and business. Resilience and wellbeing skills to enable people to flourish and manage the challenge of change.

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    Action Potential Motivation Gap

    A practical guide to engaging clients in health change

    Most people who see health professionals want to achieve better health outcomes, but they lack the ability to commit to and stick with their health recommendations. That is the Motivation Gap. This workshop arms health professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage clients in their own health management, recognize and respond to resistance, and apply evidence-based strategies at each stage of the motivational continuum. 

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    Action Potential Vanessa Thiele Councelling

    With nearly 15 years’ experience in positive psychology,

    CBT and solution-focused coaching, Registered Health Psychologist Dr Vanessa Thiele works with individuals and teams to help them gain clarity of purpose and activate the thinking and behavioural patterns that are required to bring about a transformational change. As a medicare provider, rebates may apply. 


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    Growth-Mindset Leadership

    Action Potential Group Training

    Creating a Culture of Innovation, Engagement and Excellence

    Organisations that have the ability to constantly evolve, overcome the challenge of internal and external change, and gain competitive advantage, all have a culture of growth-mindset leadership. This research-driven training enables leaders to learn from failing organisations that reinvented themselves to achieve massive success, and enables them to implement a growth-mindset culture their teams and organization.

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